The Best Place to Sell Tickets

best place to sell tickets

If you’re in need of a place to sell tickets, look into eBay or StubHub. Below are some tips to consider, such as shipping and service charges. If you are trying to sell your tickets for a lower price, eBay is an excellent option. Customers will benefit from the cheaper price, but there’s an $0.30 per order fee for sellers. Craigslist is a marketplace for many items, is home to around 200 million LegitTicketSites unique users per month. Tickets for events that are popular tend to sell out quickly. Craigslist is available for free, with no buying or selling charges and sellers are permitted to charge tickets in accordance with their state laws.


StubHub is the best platform for selling tickets. It lets you list different types of tickets, such as general admission tickets and tickets to select seating or mobile transfer photos. You can also list the seats and include any additional features you want to make the transaction easier. StubHub makes the whole process easy.

Alongside offering an intuitive user interface, StubHub offers an additional 10% on the sale price. The rest of the fee is payable by the purchaser. This means that a $100 ticket could bring in 100 dollars if you sold it through StubHub. You may decide to get your payment via PayPal or through a check, ensure that you use the same email address on both accounts. StubHub will notify you by email if the tickets you purchased have been sold. You will be notified that they have been purchased and payment is made within a few days.

While StubHub is an authentic site for tickets However, it has a few problems. Prices are subject to change and the tickets might not be authentic and you could be charged for shipping fees. It is essential to read reviews from both sides and then make a an informed choice based upon all the facts. StubHub has great customer service. These are the key aspects to be aware of if intend to sell tickets on StubHub.

StubHub sells tickets, but guarantees that tickets will arrive on time, valid for entry , and equivalent to the original tickets. If the event is cancelled StubHub provides a 100% refund guarantee. Additionally, StubHub has many positive reviews from customers that make it the most reputable place to offer tickets. When buying or selling tickets on StubHub, you can choose from thousands of sellers on their listings.

To sell tickets on StubHub to sell tickets on StubHub, you need to sign up and choose your event. After you’ve done that it is time to select your row and section, along with the number of tickets that you are selling. You will be required to upload either a PDF or a photograph of the ticket to the section for sellers. Once you’ve selected your tickets the seller will be notified of the transaction. It’s as simple as that!

Vivid Seats

The most appealing thing about Vivid Seats is that it is the one with the highest visitors of all ticket resales websites. Buyers will find the lowest prices they can find. The site lets you upload your tickets and allows potential buyers to make payments through PayPal. After you have received payment, you’ll be able to login to your account to view your tickets. Vibrant Seats’ greatest benefit is the fact that you can pay through PayPal or credit card.

If you’re new to the game you can use the search feature on the website that will help you find what you are looking for. Search for a phrase such as the name of the team, venue, or performer and the results will display in chronological order. Vivid Seats will accept all major credit cards as well as PayPal Credit and Google Wallet. Additionally, it has a “Buyer Guarantee’ policy so you can be sure that your tickets will never go unused.

If you opt to sell your tickets on Vivid Seats, you should be aware that the charges will cover the expenses associated with the platform. The fees are comprised of third-party site commissions, service fees, customer and processing charges. These costs are necessary to protect the platform and solving any issues related to transactions. There is a lot to be accomplished. There are still many concerns that need to be resolved to know which ticket marketplace is ideal for your needs.

StubHub is another ticket-selling website that’s worth checking out. The site receives more than 40k brand name searches per month – a number far lower than StubHub’s 200,000+ daily users. Vivid Seats has a lower price structure than StubHub and also provides high-end services that enhance the experience of users. Vivid Seats provides these advantages and is the ideal place to sell tickets.

Ticket Liquidator

The Ticket Liquidator is like eBay in its selling feature. You can sell tickets and decide on your own price. You may also decide to sell tickets for events that aren’t highly sought-after. If you sell tickets to events that are very popular, mega seats reviews you’ll likely make some money however if your tickets aren’t popular then you’ll have to reduce your price to attract the attention of potential buyers. In order to attract attention the eBay users will offer cheaper prices.

One benefit of using Ticket Liquidator is the fact that it is a legitimate ticket service that uses an established system for ticket sales. It also has an intuitive interface and an extensive search section. The website sells tickets for concerts and sporting occasions as well. If you are selling tickets for other events, this is something you should take into consideration. Be sure to review the policy for refunds before selling tickets on Ticket Liquidator. Ticket Liquidator accepts tickets from amateur and professional ticket sellers.

Ticket Liquidator charges a small 10 percent commission on sales. The company provides a guarantee to buyers that they will get their tickets. Furthermore, it has customers a reselling program that guarantees entry to events if tickets are returned. Additionally, the company also offers a discount on mobile phones to first-time customers and an assurance of money-back of 200 percent on all tickets sold. It is also possible to search for local events by visiting the website.

Ticket Liquidator also has the benefit of not allowing multiple bids. This is a benefit since it allows prices to be kept within the bounds of reasonable prices. Contrary to eBay, Ticket Liquidator also provides a large selection of kinds of events. There are many kinds of events like performances, sports, as well as theater shows. However, they don’t offer instant delivery.

Ticket Liquidator can be an excellent place to purchase tickets. It offers tickets from reliable sources at prices you can’t beat. Because they only offer tickets from trustworthy sellers, you can trust that you won’t be taken off. They will guarantee that your tickets will arrive on time and of high quality. Ticket Liquidator will reimburse you for any purchase that isn’t received.


There are numerous places where you can choose to sell your tickets. Online classifieds are an excellent way to sell tickets at discounts. It is common to find they cost less than other sellers to advertise your items. This lets sellers price their items to whatever level they’d like. You can also try selling your tickets via eBay, but be aware of the pitfalls. Some sellers will attempt to sell tickets through eBay at a bargain price because they are desperate to sell the tickets. In addition, if your tickets aren’t in huge demand, this may be an appropriate solution for you.

StubHub is an excellent place to begin in case you’re uncertain about whether or not you should list your tickets on eBay. There are over 10,000,000 events in 40 countries. This makes selling tickets easy and simple for the sellers. To sell tickets, users must create an account. They can choose to choose prices that are fixed or decreasing. Sellers are also able to list their tickets on StubHub. When they’ve listed their tickets on the website buyers can take them to the center or at another convenient address.

If you’re worried about counterfeit tickets, there are several security measures on eBay. If you’re not comfortable buying tickets from a shady seller, you may contact eBay’s dispute resolution service. Prior to making a payment, always check the receipt and carefully read the fine details. Be aware that there’s a huge supply of tickets for sports on eBay. Selling your tickets on eBay is a viable option, however, you must be aware of scams and stay clear of them at all costs.

Utilizing a ticket broker to sell tickets a good idea. Although brokers can be useful and informative However, they should not be aggressive. This is because they’re more likely to research your tickets’ true value and give you the highest price. While it’s nice to have a buyer who bids high but you should ensure that the ticket’s cost is sufficiently high to trigger the possibility of a bidding war. Some platforms punish sellers who list tickets with greater than one dollar outside the reach of buyers.

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